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Introducing Growthworks AI

"Watch me create an entire premium course (modules, content, slides) and marketing system (messaging, audience, pricing, lead magnets, email sequences, pages and more)...IN MINUTES!"

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New Breakthrough AI-Powered System Finally Solves All Four "Big Problems" That Plague Digital Product Creators

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you've invested any amount of time and money into launching and growing a digital course, coaching offer or online business, there's a 99% chance you've been struggling to get your offer live and scaling...

We all start out the same way: You buy the latest software tool, course or over-hyped coaching program. You're super motivated to give birth to your digital product or business...

Maybe you're motivated to help others, share your knowledge or start down the path to real financial freedom...

But then it happens.

You hit a massive brick wall that stands between you and your impact and income goals...

You realize launching your next course or coaching offer won't be as easy or as as fast you thought!

Buy why?

You struggle with The 4 "Big Problems" that challenge us all:

"Big Problem" #1

 For Most, Creating Your Product and Crafting a Good Offer is Way Harder Than It Looks

The most important factor for any online business or product is the offer itself: 

Solving the right PROBLEM with a unique PRODUCT and MESSAGE that resonates with the right PEOPLE.

Whether this is your first of fiftieth time sitting down to create a course or digital offer...

 I'm sure you're well aware that getting your ideas and expertise out of your head and into a well-structured program is extremely difficult!

And that's just the beginning!

You also have to name your product, craft a message in a way that stands out from the crowd and actually attracts buying customers, identify your target audience, decide on the right price and more!

And here's the brutal truth: The offer is 99% of your success! No amount of content, emails, ad hacks or social media presence can make up for a poorly crafted offer - you have to get this right

And even if you're a pro at copywriting and product creation, you'll almost certainly run into "Big Problem" Number 2...

"Big Problem" #2

 Before You Launch, You Need to Create An Ocean of Content. And Not Just Any Content...

Content that converts!

You realize that no matter which funnel, strategy or system you're using, there's a major obstacle standing in between you and your digital marketing dreams: 

An ocean of content. 

You need to write ads if you want to get clicks. Landing pages and sales page copy before you can launch. Emails and video templates...the list goes on!

Oh! - and don't forget dozens if not hundreds of course slides, sales videos and sales scripts. 

All of this is required before you launch. Ouch

So that leaves three options: 

1) Gamble with your hard earned money trying to find a good copywriter who can actually sell your product without breaking the bank...

2) Or you can spend eleven months, four weeks and twenty two days staring at a blank screen tapping away on your keyboard until your fingers bleed only to find your emails and ad copy are about as convincing as 19-year-old life coach dispensing career advice...

3) The third option may be the worst of all

Use generic templates and "scripting software" that's so clunky and hard to use you actually consider tossing your Macbook out the window for good...

So here you are: 

You know you absolutely must generate solid, well-written copy before you can launch...

And If you DON'T solve this copy conundrum, you'll risk watching your digital business dreams evaporate faster than a popsicle in the Mojave desert. 

But thankfully, you happen to be alive during the greatest breakthrough in copywriting and content creation since the printing press!  

Before we reveal this breakthrough system let's visit "Big Problem" Number 3...

"Big Problem" #3

 Unless You're a Total Geek (Like Me), Setting Up All The Tech Stuff Seems Nearly Impossible...

Even If you're lucky enough to tackle these first two "Big Problems" - creating an effective offer, mapping out your program and creating a ton of content (course slides, lead magnets, email sequences, sales copy , etc.)....

Now comes the third "Big Problem" - all the tech stuff

Landing pages, lead forms, automated nurture sequences, shopping carts,  calendars, tags , Zaps and more...

The truth is clear: All the time and effort you've poured into creating your product and crafting content won't add up to diddly squat until you are live and open for business!

From traffic to checkout and everything in between - there's no way around the tech stuff...

But fear not - We've finally solved this problem for good (you'll be blown away when you see this platform I'm about to show you)...

But first, let's look at the 4th and final "Big Problem" that all creators must overcome...

"Big Problem" #4

 Limited Funds - The Chicken And The Egg For Digital Entrepreneurs...

When you're in startup mode, cash is tight!

And most folks simply can’t afford all the overpriced (and over-hyped) courses, coaches, events, software and tools required to launch an online product!

At a recent event I was hosting, I asked the audience a simple question: 

"Over the last two years, how much have you spent on growing your online business - including education, coaching, software, tools and events?"

The answers blew me away - folks said "five thousand", "ten thousand" and a few reported spending upwards of $60,000+!!

But then things got even weirder - I asked attendees how many of them were "making more than $5K per month?"....

And only a handful of people raised their hands!

And this fourth and final "Big Problem" can be the last nail in the course creator's coffin - Rest in Peace, my would-be awesome digital business :(

So this begs the enormously important question we all must answer:

The Big Question??

How Can I Deal With These 4 "Big Problems" I Must Overcome to Launch and Grow My Business?

Remember, no matter how much time and money you invest in your product, you have to get all 4 of these things right for customers to actually buy your stuff!
You know you must build a product and craft a good offer

You also have to create a whole bunch of content (sales copy, lead magnets, email sequences, etc.) before you can set up your automated business...

Once you've nailed down your offer and created all of your content - you need to set up all the tech stuff required to actually reach customers and take orders...

Last but not least - you have to do all of this without breaking the bank (Ie: spending an arm and a leg on software, courses and/or coaching)...

So what's a creator to do?  Glad you asked...

Problem(s) Solved!

Four Simple Steps To Launch and Grow A World-Class Digital Product For A Small Fraction of The Time and Costs!

After 10+ years generating over $10M in sales serving over 40,000 awesome course creators, coaches and experts just like you, we've finally solved the digital marketing puzzle!

Imagine if you had all the tools, software, training and support to quickly build a world-class course, coaching offer or product you can launch with confidence...

And grow until your heart's desire - all without spending another dime on expensive and confusing software, courses and coaching...

  • Uses AI to create your offer and product in minutes!
  • Generate 100% of your marketing content - slides, lead magnets, emails and more!
  • ​Completed automated CRM - funnels, email sequences, calendar, shopping carts etc.
  • ​Live support and world-class training courses covering funnels, traffic and selling...
  • ​All this starting under 90 bucks per month!
Let me show you how it works...
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Step One: From Idea To Live PRoduct In No Time, Flat!

Introducing Growthworks AI

Use the power of The New Growthworks AI system to create your entire course, coaching offer up 10X faster than before this breakthrough technology - from idea to a complete premium product you can launch with confidence in minutes!
Simply tell Growthworks a little about your product, business model and target audience and watch Growthworks' unique AI engine create your complete product, from your course modules to messaging, pricing and more - all optimized to attract your ideal customers!

  Automatically builds courses, coaching programs and complete campaign plans!

 Unique Growthworks AI algorithm uses 10+ years in creating courses and coaching programs...

  Launch your product up to 10X faster than flying solo!

"I sat there for a few minutes in just pure amazement at how Growthworks AI created a complete course that was so good in less than 5 minutes! This is a game changer!..." - Donald Burns

Launch Update:

Over the Past Few Weeks, Folks Have Been Freaking Out About The New Growthworks AI Tool...

Within minutes after getting this new platform into the hands of Beta customers, the feedback started rolling in - check out what people are saying about the system (yes you really can create your whole course or product 5-10X faster than ever before)...

From Idea to Complete Product In Minutes!

Now it's time for Step 2: Create high converting marketing content 10X faster...
+1 (858) 264-1872

Step TWO: Create 100% of Your Marketing Content In Minutes!

The Growthworks Content Engine

Create high converting courses, slides, lead magnets, email sequences, sales videos, client enrollment scripts - all just a few clicks away!
Once you've used Growthworks AI to create your core product (course, coaching or agency offer) - it's time to grab coffee, sit back, relax and watch the Growthworks Content Engine build 100% of your marketing content right before your eyes!

Everything you need created and customized to your exact product and business!

  All 322 high ticket course slides and student cheat sheets

 High converting lead magnets and downloads

  Complete 27-step email nurture sequences...

  Client enrollment and sales scripts..

  Advertising and sales page copy...

  100% of your sales and marketing content!

"All my emails and content done in a matter of seconds - and so much better than anything I could have created..." - Caffrey Francis

ContenT Engine Results:

"I Got My Full 27 Step Email Follow Up Sequence Done in Less Than 24 Hours!"

We just surpassed 13,000 users in the Growthworks Content Engine -  and we are absolutely blown away by their feedback and awesome results...

All the Content's Done - Now Let's Launch!

Step 3: Automate everything with our pre-built CRM
+1 (858) 264-1872

Step Three: Launch Your Automated Business Before Lunch!

The NEW Growthworks CRM

Launch your complete automated online business with our pre-built web pages, funnels, done-for-you email and SMS sequences, for a fraction of the cost of other software platforms!
After 10+ years selling over $10M and generating 40,000+ customers, we've added our best funnels, emails, sales pages and more into this powerful CRM!

 Built on the powerful HighLevel® platform - the industry's fasted growing and most trusted CRM for agencies and creators alike!

  72 Pre-built funnels, landing pages, websites. surveys and forms...

 All 9 of our top pre-written email sequences for high ticket, course creators, agencies and more...

  SMS, calendars, shopping cart and pre-configured automates - all available right out of the box when you sign up!

  Includes LIVE setup and technical support calls each week!

"I wish I would have found this 5 years ago...it would have saved me over $30,000.0+ in various programs and countless failures" -Mike Lamothe

Even More Results!

"One Simple And Affordable Platform To Run My Entire Online Business"

Our pre-built funnels, sequences and automations finally remove the frustration and tech overwhelm most face when launching and running a profitable online business...

Last Stop: Open The Floodgates!

Step 4: Crank up the traffic, leads and revenue 
+1 (858) 264-1872

Step Four: Scale Your Traffic, Lleads and Clients To The Moon!

Our Complete Online Business Tool Kit

Get all of our best courses, tools and LIVE support to keep growing without ever buying another over priced and over-hyped guru product again!
Over that past decade+ serving over 40,000 awesome clients, we've become known for one thing: creating simple and powerful systems to help you achieve your marketing goals

From high ticket funnells and client enrollment training and scripts, to organic marketing, paid Meta and YouTube ads and everything in between - you'll always know exactly what you need to be doing right now to grow your business, and have a crystal clear process to follow. 

NEW - includes LIVE support and coaching calls to keep you moving forward!

  High Ticket Course Launch Formula course, tools and templates

 High Ticket Funnels System - set up a scalable funnel for coaching or consulting

  Low Ticket Mastery - convert a lead magnet into a powerful "customer magnet" you can use to leverage paid ads with less risk!

 The Perfect Sales Script program that even total introverts are using to sell coaching and consulting with zero pressure or cheesy closing techniques...

 All 12 of our premium courses and strategies included!

 Over $18,000.00 in value - all included when you sign up today!

"This program helped me go from $5K sales to $15K sales and I made last years income in the first 6 months!" -Michael Sugg

40,00+ Customers and Counting!

We Have the Art of Getting Clients Down to a Science

Check out these kind and powerful words from our large community of growth-minded experts and entrepreneurs using our systems to launch and grow their products...

Ready To Get Growing With Growthworks?

Here's everything you get when you sign up today...

Here's the Final Breakdown...

Today You Can Access Over $38,000.00 In Total Value For a Fraction of What Other Platforms Charge

Imagine if you could finally stop wasting your valuable time and money trying to duct tape together countless marketing software tools and strategies and start growing your digital business with one simple and affordable platform and world-class support!

You'll Get The Entire Suite of Growthworks Tools PLUS Premium Training and Support: 

 NEW! Growthworks AI: Go from a one sentence idea to building your complete course, coaching offer - ($2,500.00 Value)

 Growthworks Content Engine software platform build all slides, sales copy, email nurture sequences, lead magnets and more!  - ($997.00 Value)

 Growthworks CRM: Done-for-you funnels, email sequences, calendars, shopping carts and more...  (FREE!)

 NEW! multiple day LIVE intensive coaching event series  - ($29,997.00 Value)

 LIVE Weekly technical support, training and Q&A calls - ($497.00 Value)

  All Future software + content releases - (Priceless!)

Total Value: $38,979.00

Get It All Today For 

ONLY $83.58/Month!

 *Rate based on annual subscription. Monthly rate of $198.99 also available

  Includes Immediate Unlimited Access to All Software, CRM, Training and Tools Listed Above.

FAQ's: Let's Be 100% Sure This Powerful Offer is Right For You

Feel free to browse these commonly-asked questions related to Growthworks and the courses, tools and systems included with this offer...

"What is Growthworks?"

Growthworks is a simple to use and extremely powerful software platform designed to help you create all of your advertising, marketing and sales content in a fraction of the time and cost of other content creation options...

Our unique platform combines cutting-edge AI technology with our proven product launch models to help you accelerate launching and growing world-class products.

"Why did you create this?"

After 10 years testing and optimizing our unique marketing systems working with over 40,0000 customers, we searched for a way to solve the greatest challenges associated with launching an online product or campaign:

Creating an effective offer: Most creators struggle to get their ideas formatted into an effective product (course or coaching offer). They also struggle to "get the words out" and explain what they do in a way audiences will respond (and buy your stuff). The Growthworks Ai Engine is pre-trained on direct response copywriting and conversion-focused content.

Content: No funnel can go live without email sequences, ad and sales page copy and more...

Until now, generating high converting copy required countless hours and dollars, often stopping would-be online entrepreneurs dead in their tracks!

Tech Overwhelm: Instead of spending countless hours and dollars duct taping together software, tools and tech - we provide a pre-build CRM you can customize and launch way faster than staring a a blank landing page or white screen...

Money! - Most creators on startup mode struggle to pay for software, courses and support - so we combined everything into one simple step-by-step system!

"Who is this for?"

Growthworks is ideal for coaches, agencies, consultants, course creators or anyone looking to launch and scale a successful online business, campaign or marketing funnel without hiring expensive copywriters or spending countless hours writing content that won't be likely to generate  the desired volume of appointments or clients...

"Who are you?"

I'm Aaron. After 20+ years serving in numerous sales and marketing roles in the consulting, healthcare and technology spaces, including Vice President for several Silicon Valley Startups, I started the Fletcher Method in 2012.

Since then, we have helped over 40,000 coaches, consultants and course creators launch awesome online businesses with zero "guru hype" or tech overwhelm. The Fletcher Method has become the go-to provider for simple and effective marketing systems worldwide.

And now with Growthworks, virtually anyone with a passion for making a greater impact and income can leverage our proven systems to create, launch and grow awesome courses and products in a fraction of the time!

How does the platform work?

The power of Growthworks lies in its simplicity: 

All you need to do is sign up, complete your Campaign Plan with details about your product, pricing and target audience...all guided by our unique AI algorithm!

Then start creating unlimited emails, advertising copy, sales scripts and more - automatically! -  100% of your  sales and marketing copy!

Then you'll use the growthworks CRM with pre-build marketing funnels, email sequences, automations and more!

"How is this different?"

Over the last 20+ years, we've tested virtually every CRM, marketing software and, lately - AI tool on the market

By and large we found these existing options to be clunky, confusing and largely ineffective - most of these applications function using long web forms from 2007 that are barely more helpful than starting with a blank screen...

What makes Growthworks vastly more effective than other content tools is the central "brain" and logic that drives its content engine: 

Spend a few minutes completing your Campaign Plan to tell Growthworks about your business, product and audience - and Growthworks does all the heavy lifting to generate all of sales and marketing copy in minutes! 

And the great thing is - every email, ad and sales script is 100% optimized for conversion and relevant to your exact product!

"Why are you offering this low price?"

Lemme give it to you straight. As much as we love helping our awesome customers across the globe, we also really like to generate gobs of revenue as well.

Our business model is very simple: We offer low priced products at the highest levels of quality and value (arguably the highest in the industry). 

Then a significant percentage of our customers stay with us fora long time!

This is also how we'll teach you to scale your business as well - create a remarkable low ticket offer (information product or software tool) that solves one important problem for your audience. Then ask them if they want help solving more problems.

Yes, it's that simple.

"Can I use this for my clients?"

No. This offer includes a license for Growthworks for a single user. The good news is that, after you take advantage of this special offer today, you'll have the opportunity to become a Growthworks Certified Partner - This includes unlimited clients, campaigns and our proprietary coaching dashboard! 

There's One Final Question:

Are You Ready To Finally Stop Wasting Time and Money on Confusing Marketing Software, Courses and Tools and Start Growing Your Online Business?

Then you know what to do! Lock-in your Growthworks AI License Today and Get 100% of the tools and training you need at a fraction of the cost you'll find anywhere else!

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are our internal sales figures. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION.

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Absolutely nothing on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim for what you will earn simply by joining.

These products, ONLINE TRAINING COURSES, SOFTWARE and TOOLS are intended to help BUSINESS OWNERS and ADVERTISERS learn how to get more customers for their products. It is NOT a “business opportunity” or “get rich quick” opportunity.

The testimonials, figures, and screenshots on this page are real but they are displaying exceptional results from our best customers. These results are not typical. They are not intended to guarantee, promise or represent that you will get the same result just by signing up.

This will require work and you will be the ultimate person responsible for taking action and making sure you get the results that you want.
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